Marty Haughn

Marty told his story of freaking out the head waiter on his cruise with magic. Not knowing the name he demonstrated what he did for the waiter by rolling two bills into a tight tube. The larger bill being on the bottom. Assisted by James Kinsey and Mike Jones, each held fingers on exposed corners of each bill. Then, with no hanky-panky,the bills were unrolled and miraculously swapped places! To top off his display Marty then explained to the Ring just how it was done and used as a carry-around.

Jim Henson

Jim began by explaining he had some giveaways and if you were interested to see him after the meeting. It was then Jim handed out some colorful stones, two to each person. He then proceeded to show everyone how to do the Bobo Switch. And finally, Jim had brought in a large Pom-Pom set. He did a great presentation of the trick.

Carlos Yang

Carlos Yang whose energy cannot be surpassed by not even Superman! Carlos did a “High Speed” version of cups and balls. And yes, gravity still works. Regardless, Carlos, as always, put on a great show for us. I only wished I had half his energy! You know, if we could harness it somehow…

James Kinsey

James stepped up to show his skills with cards and transformation. He performed a card routine called “Diamonds are Forever”. He asked our new member to assist. Diamonds are Forever uses two cards: A red ace, and a black two. James displayed the backs and faces of the cards, and then placed the two into Shawn's hand. It is then James peels the diamond off the red ace and magically bonds the red pip onto the middle of the black two.

Mike Jones

With Shawn as the volunteer, Mike introduced him to a deck of special cards. These cards had photos of World War One veterans on one side and their specifics on the other. Shawn was also introduced to a box containing special items each soldier was issued. From these items Shawn was asked to select one of the soldiers cards and then remove the items listed on the back of the card. From this, Mike asked a few questions, contemplated what was said and then through several thought processes determined the name, rank, birthdate, regiment and when he was killed in action.

Cedric Morely

Cedric “The Other Entertainer” was up next talking chicken thievery. On display were some chickens and as Cedric unfolded the story of a farmers chickens coming up missing, the farmer, according to the story had set up a trap and eventually caught the thief, so he thought. Although the chickens were stolen a miracle happen before the farmers eyes, all chickens were accounted for! Now how does that happen?

Jo Jones

Jo Jones came up with Andre Kole’s “Three Ball Gospel Trick” where three balls were skewered on a metal rod. As Jo’s story progressed she reached down and removed the middle ball without removing the two end ones. You know, Jo can be tricky like that.