Adrian Steelman

Adrian managed to produce some coins from thin air during his routine. After the coins appeared, he then performed his unique brand of coins across. My favorite line in this performance was when he asked his assistant, Jan Hecke, if she heard the coins travel from one hand to the other. Her reply, "no", to which he responded, "because it's hush money"!

Dan Hecke

Dan Hecke was up next with his bag of wands. Much like golfers with their favorite clubs, he introduced various wands to the audience and ended up with a break-a-way fan. Next he wowed the audience with a mystic rope and bottle trick. For the biggest applause though, he broke out his valuable antique 'hipity hop' rabbits and amazed everyone as they magically traded places under covered containers.

Dane Dover

Dane Dover brought out another vintage item known as Kling Magnetic Playing Cards. Utilizing the board and cards while assisted by James Kinsey, Dane offered up a fascinating 'name your card' routine. An explanation followed which I especially appreciate as I've been performing the trick at my office all month. Thanks Dane!

Jim Henson

As a special treat, Jim Henson was up next and started off displaying a sealed envelope on the table. It was then revealed through his performance of 'sketch book' that a prediction (yes, in the sealed envelope) exactly matched the face selected by the audience from the sketch book. Amazing! As if that weren't enough to please, Jim rounded out his time front and center with the pom-pom pole. I could be wrong but I think his wires got crossed somewhere.

Ralph Felder

Ralph was the next in line to fool us all. He magically transformed a coin to foil and then back to a coin again. In case you were wondering, this brilliant illusion can be found in the June issue of the Linking Ring. It's titled as Silver Extraction. Great job, Ralph!

Shawn Miller

Our resident magic prop craftsman by the name of Shawn Miller was up next. Shawn is renowned for creating his own props none of which fall short of professional. His first illusion was comedic in nature where he and an audience member both place a coke bottle under cover. After each performed the same exact move, Shawn's bottle would be revealed as upside down and opposite of the spectator's bottle.

Jo Jones

Jo Jones was next with her unmistakable brand of magic. She performed an effect using a children's book. I'm not sure how she did it but the book went from being completely blank all the way to containing full color images and text with each flip through the pages.