Ralph Felder

Ralph Felder with a sponge ball routine. He managed to take a classic idea and renew it by re-inventing the sponge balls as tomatoes! This made his routine great for children and adults alike!

Cedric Morley

Cedric, our resident coin maestros with this assistance of his son, Trey, performed a great version of coins across.

Dane Dover

Dane's assistant, Shawn Miller, mixed up a stack of 25 cards. Out of these cards, Shawn selected one of them after a series of cuts. Laying all the cards down in rows and columns of 5, Dane was able to accurately select the chosen card. For a hint on how to do this, read up on magician, Si Stebbins.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose, performed next, and showed us a Christmas delight based on torn and restored newspaper. The difference? Derrick used a Christmas light banner. Oh, and just when we all thought we knew how he did it, he fooled us again by producing a completely different banner with the words 'Merry Christmas' written across.

Shawn Miller

We were all ready for some give-a-ways next and Shawn Miller didn't disappoint. Shawn performed a water cup trick, a strong and weak paper tear trick, a Christmas card corner tear trick, and a mini version of Dan Hecke's Observation. All were strong performances but the corner tear trick was truly delightful as the corner appeared magically imprinted inside the card and after a squeeze and a little Christmas breath. Shawn graciously offered each person in attendance a tear pad, a Christmas card, and the cups used for his water trick.

Jim Henson

Jim produced candy canes from an empty silk with the help of Sue Felder. Jan Hecke then assisted by coloring a half a page of a reindeer Christmas image. After a little presto and elven dust, the other half of the image was magically colored in full. Next, 3 cards consisting of 2 elves and one Santa were placed into an envelope. When retrieved, the Santa card magically transformed in a “Merry Christmas” card. Santa was nowhere to be found. Jim's generosity rounded out his performances with a give-a-way of “ring and chain” for everyone present.

James Kinsey

James Kinsey was our last performer. Jo Jones assisted by holding a coin behind her back and placed it into one of her hands. When brought around in front, James had to predict which hand the coin was in. He selected her left hand. At this point everyone thought he was wrong since the coin was actually in her right hand. However, when asked to read the fine print on the coin, it was revealed to read, “I knew you would choose your right hand”! For his second trick, he asked Jo to cut a card deck 60% to one stack,and 40% to the other. Well, you can guess Jo didn’t follow these instructions exactly. However, James got the best of her as he pointed out she still cut the deck 60/40 because the cards at the split were a 6 and a 4!

Derrick Rose

Nope! We didn't see a thing!