Marty Haughn

Giving a mini-lecture on story telling.

Jo Jones

Jo working with Mike Curtis on a card routine.

Dan Hecke

Dan taking everyone to the Amazon by telling a story of the "Crystal Skull." The skull apparently possesses magical powers as it seemingly restored a signed and torn card.

Gerry Bailey

The "Torn and Restored" newspaper is a classic among magicians. Gerry shows off his method.

Dane Dover

Dane baffles Jo Jones and the audience with 'in the pocket' and his version of card to pocket. Dane Dover had Jo Jones assist him as she selected a card and replaced it in the deck. Dane then produced a "magic eye" that he placed into his pocket along with the card deck. One card was separated from the pack and withdrawn from Dane's coat pocket by Jo. Low and behold, it was her selected card!

Ralph Felder

Seemingly impossible, Ralph talks a rope into becoming stiff as a rod. Moments later the rope is back to normal. How does that happen!?

Adrian Steelman

Adrian recently collected some hotel key cards while on a trip to the magic castle last year. At one hotel, Adrian and his family needed to stay several more nights. Based on that, he showed us how the hotel key magically extends in length to provide you with an "extended" stay