Derrick Rose

Derrick as our emcee for the evening did an outstanding job with introductions and kept the flow of the show on point.

Larry Bean

No, Larry didn't spend his performance reading the newspaper. Instead, he tore the thing up and magically restored the paper back to new.

Jimmy Ross

Jimmy entertained and had some fun with the notorious Vanishing Bandana. Seem there was a misunderstanding with his instructions!

Adrian Steelman

Adrian performing a classic. The "Zombie Ball" is difficult enough as it is but Adrian handled his performace like a pro.

Jon Bucher

Snake oil salesman Jon Bucher gave an outstanding sales pitch while entertaining with the "Professor's Nightmare".

Mike Jones

The zany antics of "Mike Jones the Magician" kept not only the audience on edge (so to speak) but his assistant was more than a little worried!

Jimmy Rhodes

I have no words! The entire egg bag routine was crazy! Here, Jimmy has brought on stage a couple with one doing an on stage video!

Marty Haughn

The madness never stops. Marty brings in the weird science of mind reading and fires up his latest invention.

Randall Eller

Randall plays an unusual game of audience participation Tic-Tac-Toe. The surprise at the end was an image on the reverse side of the game cards.

2019 Performers

l-r: Emcee Derrick Rose; Jon Bucher; Jimmy Ross; Marty Haughn; Randall Eller; Jimmy Rhodes; Adrian Steelman; Mike Jones; Larry Bean

Our Dinner

The audience was treated to a great dinner catered by Corky's BBQ.

Table Top Entertainment

Not only was thre a stage show but guests were entertained at their tables. Jo Jones showing off her card skills.


Enjoying good fellowship and conversation

More Table Hopping

Cedric Morely amazes his audience.