Marty Haughn

Marty Haughn performed Cards Talk to You. He wowed us all when listening to the cards to produce the card a spectator had chosen.

Mike Curtis

Mike Curtis amazed us with a recitation from Music Man. He was certainly took on the role of each character in the piece he recited! Great job!

James Kinsey

James Kinsey had Blayk Puckett take a deck of cards and go through numerous cuts, deals, and stacks to produce a card that was chosen early in the trick.

Jo Jones

Jo Jones performed Duane Laflin's Massel, a tube and flower effect.

Cedric Morely

Cedric took three coins and skillfully passed the coins individually from one hand to the other

Shawn Miller

New member Shawn Miller shared his newly designed magic cart/table. It is adream come true for many because it has all the compartments and storage you would need to do a complete show.

Larry Bean

Larry Bean is always very entertaining when installing officers for Ring 29. We are very thankful to have him carry out this task for us. He had us laughing throughout his introductions of the officers and then introductions before their performances.


Marty Haughn was introduced as the Editor in Chief of Arkansas Magic News; Mike Curtis as Preserving Posterity; James Kinsey as Head of the Treasury Department; Cedric Morley as Heading Up the Vice, and Jo Jones as Leadership of Ring 29. The Officers vowed to uphold the duties of their respective office against all enemies, obligations, etc. Larry then presented each officer with a spice or spices that had some relevance to their office.