Jim Henson

Jim Henson was our emcee for the evening and began with a trick of his own. Thanks to Carlos Yang for assisting, Jim had the audience actually reveal Carlos' chosen card.

Christy and Tyler Vodehnal

Together they performed a unique version of magician's insurance with a very special reveal at the end. They announced they are expecting their first child (daughter) in early to mid-August and we couldn't be happier for them!

Jon Bucher

Assisted by Carlos Yang, Jon performed 'Immaculate Connection'. We are all still trying to figure out how those cards were linked after the centers were torn out.

James and Christy Kinsey

First was Christy producing a printed business card straight from her closed hand. Next was James with a card that seemingly swapped the printed image on the front and back of half the card. He claims there was a rift in the space time continuum.

Jo Jones

Jo Jones, assisted by Christy Kinsey, blew off our socks with some fancy card shenanigans. Christy inserted 4 cards face up, into a face down card spread on the table. Shuffling and flipping was done repeatedly at least half a dozen times. At the end of the trick, the cards were all spread and oddly enough, the original four cards were the only remaining face up cards in the deck.

Lisa Bolin

Lisa was assisted by Paul Carlin. Lisa had the audience enamored with a standing version of Triumph. The chosen card was Jack of Diamonds. This would be great for walk around as it didn't require a table.

Gary Fambrough

Gary fooled everyone with a trick he refers to as "E.S.P. aka Extra Sensory Perspiration". Performed completely blind, Gary was able to reveal a chosen card by each of his assistants, Dan Hecke and Mike Curtis. I know he was "sweating" that big time!

Paul Carlin

Paul Carlin performed next with Lisa Bolin Assisting. Paul and Lisa traded unknown cards with each other having selected them from behind their backs. Once traded, the cards were placed face up in the deck, again without looking at the cards. Finally, the two deck halves were combined and the cards were spread on the table. Amazingly, only the 4 aces were turned opposite the rest of the cards!

Jan Hecke

Jan began what turned out to be her very first club performance. James Kinsey assisted and selected a card at random. Years ago, as the story goes, Jan had placed a random card (or was it) into a sealed envelope. The envelope was not to be opened until her very first performance which just happened to be this night. Low and behold when the envelope seal was broken and the card removed it contained the exact same card that James had selected from the deck!

Mike Curtis

Carlos assisted Mike Curtis on the next performance. Carlos first signed a card with which Mike placed into his shirt pocket. Mike then asked Carlos to separate a deck of cards into four stacks. A random card was selected from each. Guess what folks. Each selected card was an Ace! What about the signed card he placed in his pocket you ask? Oh, that was only used so he could refer back to it and remember Carlos' name.

Carlos Yang

Carlos pulled out a post-it note pad with varying country names on each page. He then flipped through and asked Dan Hecke to select one of the country destinations and memorize it. Carlos using his very own powers of mind melding was able to accurately state Dan's chosen country. What a trip that was!

Dan Hecke

Dan took to the stage with his Lewis Carroll impression and read us an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland. He then asked Lisa Bolin to choose a card. Much like the Mad Hatter, Dan searched each pocket producing a multitude of cards proposing they were each Lisa's selected card. However, none were. Talk about going down a rabbit hole, geez. He then pulled off the ticket from his hat band and imprinted on the ticket was her chosen card.

Jimmy Ross

Jimmy asked Jo Jones to select a card. She selected the nine of diamonds from which the corner was torn and given to her. The card was torn further into multiple pieces and placed into a card box. After a few magic words were spoken, the box was opened and a fully restored card was retrieved except it was still missing a corner. Yes, you guessed it. Jo held the missing corner and it matched perfectly.