Jo Jones

Jo began by describing her "spooky bottle" and a “spooky pencil”. In describing the pencil Jo pointed out that there were ghosts and witches and spiders on the pencil OH MY!. She then dropped the pencil into the bottle to see what may happen. Suddenly, the pencil began to “mysteriously” rise!

Cedric Morley

Cedric Morely, was next but surprised us all with a “spooky little box”. Residing inside his little box was a spooky piece of paper, a “spooky coin”, a “spooky little crystal”, and a “spooky key”. All the items were said to have come from a haunted house. Things were said to have moved in unnatural ways...then the coin LEPT UPWARD to an awaiting hand! This coin was spooky as it had just defied gravity!

Mike Curtis

Mike stood in front of the audience holding a small and unusual straw basket which was mysteriously covered with a cloth. As Mike fidgets with the cover and the contents of the basket...a bit of a purposeful delay I am sure. Mike announced, “Jumba, come on out and say hello!” Out popped the shrunken head of Jumba floating in front of the basket!

Marty Haughn

In his hands were two items, a purple pumpkin filled with skulls each with numbers written on them. Along with the skulls was a sealed envelope sporting an alien face on the front. Members of the audience selected a skull and announced the number. The nuber was written on the board. Once all numbers and Marty's numbers were on the board they were totaled only to match the prediction Jo held.

Ralph Felder

Ralph Felder, stepped up next with a card routine Wild Card pulled straight from his book “Mapping Miracles” that spoke of ideas and how to convince others to like those ideas. Ralph first displayed several cards face up and some face down each representing all the people with the same idea, each were a seven of hearts of the same back color. The next card displayed was the two of spades representing you with a different idea. If you are interested in learning the details, Ralph has complete illustrated instructions on how to perform with the story line included in his book, Mapping Miracles, beginning on page A-6. Very well executed Ralph!

David Duggie

David began by telling everyone that he was going to show us what got him started in magic. He said, “There was this old man (referring to Mike Jones) who said he would teach me a simple little game that uses four cards. Continuing the story, Said he had used these cards for so long that the faces were all worn off (showing blank faced cards) and the object of the game was to follow the location of the Queen of Diamonds, now displayed. After squaring the cards and making a little gesture the question was now, where is the Queen of Diamonds? Of course, David was wrong and was told he now owed the “old man” a dollar. This trend continued to the point of David owing. Through it all the old man said, being the fair man I am I’ll sell you these cards for fifty dollars! So David bought the cards and realized the old man had been cheating by using marked cards.” Thanks David, Elmsley’s Four Card Trick was a smash!

Mike Jones

Mike Jones told of his earlier adventures of sword swallowing and the mishap that had occurred. Mike had to convince Jo to let him do something dangerous once again assuring her it was perfectly safe. Then, out come the needles! As Mike moved around the audience all the needles were plucked from the tomato pin holder and placed into a glass filled with water. Being the dare-devil he is, Mike then began to slowly drink the ENTIRE contents of the glass! At this point he was getting some moans and groans and even a few Oh No’s! from the audience. Yes the weak stomachs began to surface! Finally, the contents of the glass was empty an Mike pulled out a spool of thread. All you magicians know what happens next. A length of thread was removed from the spool then balled up and placed into his mouth. A few seconds later after some serious concentration, Mike reached for the end of the thread and began to pull. From his mouth came a full-length of thread with needles hanging from it!

Aaron Acosta

Aaron Acosta was introduced next and treated everyone to a well rounded card trick that had everyone fooled, especially his called upon assistant, Shawn Miller. Aaron begins with four spooky cards, sticking with the Halloween theme, the four Aces. As each card was shown Aaron asked audience members which card to begin with and as each Ace was chosen it was cut somewhere into the deck. As the final card, the Ace of clubs, is cut into the deck and lost, Aaron gives the top of the deck a little rub then magically, ALL FOUR ACES have come to the top!

Shawn Miller

this month Shawn took a page from last month’s performance by Dan Hecke’s “Observation” and made a few cosmetic changes to the cards and storyline. Shawn calls his version “Card Camping Magic.” The artwork on the “special” card is very well done and the storyline makes sense and is entertaining, especially when it comes to the final kicker. Shawn didn’t stop there. Using the same principle and a few alterations he also created a Gospel version of the card trick. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next!