Shawn Miller

Shawn has generated quite the hub-bub with all his custom clothing prints and embroidery work. "Flash" is not generally what you want to hear when it comes to magic but Shawn has some flashy stuff. His trick of the night, with the help of Jim Henson, was a great version of Omni Deck which didn't fail to impress.

Ralph Felder

Ralph Felder was up next with a Bermuda Triangle story tied into some superb coin vanishes. There was some talk about power of the pyramid in there too. After that performance, I'm just glad we didn't all end up vanishing! Spooky stuff!

Jim Henson

Jim Henson demonstrated the 2 card monte technique with a handout of cards for everyone to try it themselves and take home. I think this may have fooled even the likes of his lovely assistant, Susan Felder. Additionally, He provided an impromptu mini-lecture on TT disposal. Jim is ever the consummate professional when it comes to TT magic.

Gary Fambrough

Gary Fambrough followed up with his card through bill 'optical illusion'. He insists this isn't a magic trick although it just doesn't seem possible. Marty Haughn tried to abscond with the money used which might have even been a better trick had he succeeded!

Marty Haughn

Marty has a fixation with certain Hollywood celebrities it seems. His effect utilized a deck of cards printed with celebrity names on them. Joel Nicholson assisted and selected one of the cards; it was printed with Tom Hanks. Marty then asks Joel to reveal the back of the business card (aka prediction) that has been in plain sight the whole time. The back reads none other than 'Tom Hanks'!

James Kinsey

James Kinsey produced a multi-colored silk from thin air. He was also able to make it vanish in the same fashion. If that weren't amazing enough, he then asked Jan Hecke to select a card from the deck. Low and behold, his pen actually was emblazoned with the name of her chosen card! Ink-credible! I should mention here that James handed out a pen to everyone with the name of our club on it.

Gerry Bailey

While hard to improve upon the silk from thin air performed by James, Gerry Bailey performed his variation on that theme as well. Gerry's unique style might have even fooled James! This trick never gets old and we can certainly see why it's a club favorite.

Aaron Acosta

Aaron asked Janie and Shawn for their help in shuffling two decks of cards. Each were asked to choose a number between 1 and 52 and count out that many cards from their deck. Shawn chose 20, Janie chose 12. Ultimately, the bottom card of each stack was identical and for the piece de resistance, both matched Aaron's prediction as well!

Dan Hecke

Dan Hecke surprised everyone attending with a free handout of his trick. Referred to by Dan as 'Observation', he used some freakish spell to make us all think a different card in his hand was flipping over each time he shuffled through the pack of four. Quite the spellbinder!

Derrick Rose

Derrick brightened the evening with a show of 'lightning bugs' finger tips. If you've seen D'Lite, then you are probably familiar with the concept. For his second trick, he asked Marty Haughn to assist. Both Derrick and Marty chose a card from two individual stacks of cards. Each placed their card into the other's stack face down. Finally, each were asked to retrieve what they thought was the other's card. Using a bit of magical telepathy, they both picked the other's card correctly!

Cedric Morley

It's not difficult to enjoy a coin performance by Cedric. He always has a way of thrilling the audience with coin vanishes and productions and tonight was no different. He did state that it would be illegal to keep all the money he produces so unfortunately, everything he produced from thin air was returned to the ether.