Kent Axtell & Watkins

Our first lecture of the year. Quite the duo.

Jo Jones, Kent Axell and Dane Dover

Let's get this party started! Kent having some fun with Jo and Dane.

Watkins and Jim Henson

No, really, I know what your card is!

Ring 29

Working on notes and discussing magic during a break.

Kent Axtell

Kent discussing one of several mentalism routines.

Kent Axtell

Working on an "impossible" prediction.

Kent and Watkins

Kent and Watkins working on some high-tech magic.

Paul Prader and Kent

Having a fear of heights, Paul volunteered to try out the virtual reality "high rise reach for donuts"!

Ring 29

The high rise walk has captured everyone's attention.

Watkins, Kent and Paul

Kent preparing the Ring as to what Paul is going to experience...this should be interesting!

Watkins, Kent and Paul

Making final preparations for the high rise walk. Is there a look of concern on Paul's face?

Watkins, Kent and Paul

The journey begins. Paul was really nervous after having seen what the walk actually looked like. He stated it was pretty real to him.