Dr. Chris Westfall

Time for a little close up magic from the Doc.

Rob Merriman

More close up from Rob, ready to go!

Creel Morgan

Demonstrating his talents with cards.

Adrian Steelman

Our young magician hard at work with his best close up magic!

Cedric Morely

Cedric entertains fellow magician David Scott with a little coin handling.

Jon Bucher

Our emcee for the evening was Jon Bucher. Jon getting the audience warmed up for the show.

Joe Mansfield

Beautiful work with silks, balls and stem ware.

Scott Davis

Scott Davis working everyone up with an egg and a silk!

Joey Williams & Jon Bucher

What do Christmas, Rabbits and Magic have in common?

Jimmy Rhodes

Jimmy "raising the roof"...uh, table!

Jon Bucher

Jon is at it again. This time tying up his assistant! It's a "knotty" job but someone has to do it!

Joey Williams

Joey playing with his food again. This time it is with a lemon and a borrowed bill!

Rocky Clements

Flea Circus performed by Rocky and his high diving flea.

2020 Performers

Jon Bucher; Joey Williams; Jimmy Rhodes; Rocky Clements; Joe Mansfield; Scott Davis