Backyard Meeting

Adam Hogg, Gerry Bailey and Dane Dover in discussion of business topics.

Vice President, Dane Dover

Masked up and ready for discussion and some magic.

Adam Hogg and Gerry Bailey

Adam is sporting the new Little Rock Ring 29 face mask provided by Shawn Miller. Gerry is excused as he has COPD. Looks like Adam is warming up!

President, Marty Haughn

Lost in his thoughts? Mask? It was in hand while dealing with asthma. Tough break.

Secretary, Shawn Miller

Shawn, not sporting the Ring mask but decided it was selfie time!

Newest Ring Member, Adam Hogg

Adam Hogg had quite a treat for his first trick. He Had a notepad with several canned beverages written down , Adam also had a canned beverage in a paper sack. I thought he was using mind control to force Marty to pick a particular beverage until it turned out that Marty picked raspberry lemonade and in the paper bag was a Dr. Pepper. Oh no! Luckily Adam knew magic and turned the contents of the unopened Dr. Pepper into raspberry lemonade

Marty Haughn

Marty working with a torn-in-half set of five Tarot cards displayed on the table. All ten cards were combined then split into two stacks, an Alpha stack and Omega stack. We were able to choose between stacks which one would be used at any time during the trick. After all the pieces were counted off, they were placed in two rows. Somehow, when flipped over, they made a perfect match.

Dane Dover

Dane Dover was up next with a Colonel Seymour creation, a spin on the classic magic rabbit trick. A white dog and a black dog and two red dog houses somehow they were switching places just by saying the magic words Peanut Butter. We could tell that he was just turning the dogs around. We demanded to see him turn the dogs around and when he showed us the back, the dogs had really switched places, what!

Shawn Miller

Shawn Miller offered everyone a stick of gum and then had Gerry Bailey pick a card, "seven of hearts". Shawn made one of the gum wrappers change from juicy fruit to read the "six of hearts" but he was one off. Shawn then opened the wrapper to find the stick of gum had turned into the "seven of hearts" sweet trick

Dane Dover

Dane showed us a birthday party show box he's working on, and we wrapped up the meeting with a cool optical illusion with a spinning spiral disc. Dane counted down from 10 to 1 while we stared at it. Then we looked at his head and it grew two sizes bigger.