Melvin Brown

Melvin and "Gertrude" (aka Jim) get things rolling in the isles with a lot of humor and magic. Gertrude needs a haircut!

Melvin Brown

Melvin treated the Ring to a fifteen minute busking show. This is the same performace Melvin does in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Stop by and see him on the street and say hello.

Marty Haughn

Conducting Ring business before the fun begins.

Mike Curtis

Mike tells us a story.

Adam Hogg

A visiting magician and possible new member Adam Hogg performs his first learned trick for the Ring. Well done Adam!

Blayk Puckett

Resident juggler and magician Blayk entertains with a very tricky card from somewhere...eventually under his shoe!

Jim Henson

Jim breaks out his pal Rocky Racoon and makes him come alive. After a bit of playing around Jim eventually gifted Rocky to Shawn Miller.

Gerry Bailey

Some troublesome locks gave Gerry some time to talk about locks and how they can be manipulated.

James Kinsey

Rubberband Man James shows off his fancy skills with rubberbands and how they are able to separate from each other. Hmmm...

Larry Bean

Territorial VP, Larry Bean says "Easy Peasy!" His first trick learned was a real fooler. Thanks for being there Larry!

Bob White

Bob dazzled us with some card tricks then blew or minds with a bit of card manipulation by seemingly changing backs of cards to their face. Mind boggling!

Dako Albeik

Another visiting magician and potential new member, Dako performs a slick card trick with the assistance of Jim Henson. he pulled off a real miracle! Well done Dako!