About Us

Once upon a time, there was a small group of individuals in the Little Rock area who had a common love of magic and began to get together to entertain each other and show off their newest tricks and magical skills. As they became more comfortable with each other and their meetings became more regular, they recognized that they could become part of a larger magic community through joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Otis Dougan was one of the key individuals instrumental in organizing the group. He sought Ring formation assistance from Adolph Boldt from Ring 1 of St. Louis. The group chose to call themselves “The Necromancers” and held their first meeting on January 11, 1944. Their charter was sent to I.B.M. headquarters on May 20, 1944. According to I.B.M. records, the charter members included Otis Dougan (President), Lawrence Burrow (Secretary), Lawrence C. Auten, Frank Beale, Perry J. Bott, J. W. Closser, James Nolting, Charles H. Orth, John W. Paquette, Charles C. Price, W. G. Shrugar and Bill Pitts.

The Necromancers became well known in the Little Rock area for various shows they presented for the community. Numerous newspaper articles attested to their popularity and impact as entertainers. The Ring was also very active in the magical fraternity with members regularly attending various conventions throughout the country.

Logan Pritchett, a professional magician, who joined the Ring soon after it was formed, became one of the key Ring figures to gain recognition in magic circles outside of Arkansas. He traveled extensively, performed up to 200 shows per year, attended several conventions and sold magic effects. He was instrumental in bringing the annual I. B. M. convention to Little Rock in 1975. At that time the Ring members elected to change the name of the Ring to “The Logan Pritchett Ring 29”.

The group’s original regular meeting place during the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s was the Albert Pike Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. The meeting place moved to Grace Lutheran Church in 1971 where it remained until 1974.

Evidently in 1974 the meeting places began to shift around, since the Ring reports merely stated to “call the Secretary for meeting place and time.” The Doctor’s Hospital was used some in 1975 and the Metropolitan Bank was secured as a monthly get-together place in 1976. The venue moved in 1977 to the Winfield Methodist Church that had a stage which worked great for performances and lectures.

In 1980 the Ring started meeting at the Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute (CARTI). The customer lounge and conference hall were put to good use for 16 years until the Ring had to find another location in 1996. The Baptist Medical Center served well until 2007 when the Ring had the opportunity to start meeting at the Arkansas Cancer Research Center of UAMS and then later at the Reynolds Center on Aging at UAMS.

In 2010 the Ring returned to meeting at the Shuffield auditorium and/or Classroom #1 of the Baptist Medical Center. The Ring is now called "Little Rock Magic Ring 29"

As of 2024, our Ring Meetings are being held at the Terry Library in Little Rock. Please check the calendar for monthly updates as there are months where the library is not available.