Events Calendar

Ring 29 Meetings 2020-2021

Point to the desired theme to see what the evening requirements are. Be prepared to perform.

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Date Meeting Location Theme Lecturer Host/
July Zoom Home Free for All Perform what you have for the night. N/A Dane
August TBA - Zoom TBA - Home First
Learned Trick You know you still have it! Dig out and dust off that first trick you learned and show it off. It does not matter how simple or challenging, we want to see how you started.
N/A Dane
September In-Person Jim Henson's
Father's Home
Free for All Perform what you have for the night. N/A Jim Henson
October TBA - Zoom TBA - Home Halloween
Magic Everyone has at least one really scary and terrifying trick in their closet. Break out the skeletons and ghosts then scrare the bejeebers out of everyone! Let's have some fun with this one.
TBA James
November TBA TBD Stage
Competition All you stage performers get ready to compete! Whatever you want to perform, as long as it is stage appropriate, BRING IT ON!
N/A Adrian
December TBA TBA Chirstmas
Magic Whether you have been naughty or nice, Santa wants to see your best Christmas routine, even if it includes coal.
N/A Jo
January TBA TBD Christmas Show If you want to perform please submit your name to the Secretary for consideration. You must include WHAT YOU WILL PERFOM, A SHORT BIO FOR THE EMCEE and APPROXIMATE LENGTH OF ROUTINE...time limited to 15 minutes. N/A TBD
February TBA TBA Favorite
Card Magic All you card flickers and flourishers break out a fresh deck of cards and brush up on your favorite trick involving the paste boards.
N/A Gary
March TBD TBD AUCTION TIME! We all have something or things deep in our collection of no longer used magic. It is time to clean out that drawer or closet and make a little money for yourself and the club. Clean it up, bring it to the auction, and sell it off to a new owner. N/A TBA
April TBA TBA Ring 29
“Fool Us” We all know the show. Bring your best Fooler and see if it can fool the judges. Foolers will be awarded a prize and bragging rights.
N/A Marty
May TBA TBA Closeup
Competition Attention all closeup magicians! May is competition month for you. You should have been working on a great routine limited to ten minutes. Be ready to out-perform your fellow club members and have a great time!
N/A Cedric
June TBA TBA Free for All Did you remember to bring something to show, tell, teach or perform? Tonight is an open night where anything can happen! Be prepared to be called on. Plenty of surprises are in store! N/A Mike

There are a lot of TBAs here on this calendar. Once the State of Arkansas begins to loosen things up a bit changes to this calendar will begin to happen.

EVERYTHING on this calendar is tentative but we need to continue planning the future as if we will be back to some resemblance of normal soon.

These are our normal meeting gatherings. Any additional activity throughout the month will be listed on the website (Updates Link) beginning in August.