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Ring 29 Meetings 2022

Point to the desired theme to see what the evening requirements are. Be prepared to perform.

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Date Meeting Location Theme Lecturer Host/
× January RESCHEDULED APRIL 16, 2022 N/A N/A
× February Free for All Bring what you feel like performing. Make it a real fooler. Dane Dover
× March Henson Home #2 Comedy Magic Night Do you have what it takes to tickle the funny bone of your audience? If so, bring on the fun and funny and let's have a good time! Marty Haughn
× April April 16
7:00 p.m.
Annual Magic Show
Jacksonville Community Center
N/A Dane Dover
× May Henson Home #2 I bought it from Jim Mr. Magic Henson! Oh yes you did! We all have something purchased from Mr. Magic. Probably more than our fair share. Try to decide on which one you want to perform. Mike Curtis
June In-Person - 6:30 p.m.
Stagecoach Village Club House
Officer Installation---Officers will perform N/A Marty Haughn
Larry Bean
July Henson Home #2 An Evening at the Pops In honor of Dad, show us a magic trick that relates to something your father (or a father-figure) taught you when you were growing up. N/A Dane Dover
August Markham Executive Center Teach-In Bob Bullock
Jim Henson
Dane Dover
September Stagecoach Village Clubhouse Lecture Suzanne Dane Dover
October TBD Open Mic Bring your BEST or bring your WORST. Either way be ready to perform! N/A Dane Dover
November --- 793.8 Magic you learned from a book you'd find in a public library. Marty Haughn
December --- Christmas Potluck --- Dane Dover