David Jonathan Lecture

If you were unable to virtually attend this free lecture, you missed a good one. David Jonathan reached out to me a few weeks ago asking if he could do his lecture for our Ring. We accepted and it was held on September 22, 2020. Now, I will say, if you did not receive word of this lecture via email then I would ask that you contact James Kinsey and update your information.

David Jonathan is based out of New York and has worked on creaeting magic with the likes of Dan Harlan and Mark Mason. Everything he demonstrated and explained were his creations or the combination of works with other magicians. David is mainly a creator of magic.

His lineup for the lecture consisted of eight segments, one of which was dedicated to Creativity. Here is the lineup: 1) "With the Band"; 2) "Fortuity"; 3) "Fourtunate"; 4) "Creativity of Magic"; 5) "Sovereign Sandwich"; 6) "Youknow"; 7) "Destined" 8) "Snaps". Each of the tricks are resonably priced and can be purchased from his website which will be listed at the end of this review.

Overall I thought the lecture was a good one. David is very enthusiastic about his work and it was obvious he enjoyed sharing everything with us. Each demonstration was tied to some sort of story or run of patter making each trick interesting aside from the effect. David started with what he uses as his opener and for good reason. "With the Band" took everyone by surprise! A card is selected, lost in the deck, placed into the box and wrapped with a rubberband. With a snap of the rubberband it seemed to go through the box. When the cards were removed the band was now wrapped around a small section of cards where on top of that section was the selected card! Yep! That is the way the whole night went.

Even if you missed the lecture there may be some good news for you. Dane Dover, our resident Zoom expert, was given permission to record the entire lecture to be shared with anyone in the Ring! The recording of a Zoom meeting was new to everyone so we aren't sure just yet if the lecture was captured or not. If/when it becomes available we will let everyone know and share to those who wish to see it.

Overall, I give this lecture four and one-half stars. David did a stellar job and I know he had some sales responses from the lecture. His products can be found here: CLICK HERE          Marty Haughn

Magic Show Reviews

I have two reviews to share of magic shows recently attended. My wife and I took a trip to Branson for a three day getaway with some friends and on the agenda was attending the newest Rick Thomas show. When we arrived at the box office for advanced tickets, we were iniformed they had cancelled all September shows and would resume in October. Well, that's a bummer!

Yet, I did say we had two reviews. Our minds went to work on the internet to find some more shows to see, one being the Chinese Acrobats. As luck would have it, they are all in Chicago with family riding out the virus. Another bummer.

Finally, we saw on our list a magician called REZA. We used our heads this time and called to find out about tickets...and...behold! We had four tickets to see his two hour production. So, here is my review (opinion) of the show.

REZA - EDGE OF ILLUSION A younger magician who has made his way around the world and through Las Vegas performing an entire show of illusions. A far cry from South Dakota where he originates. Reza has performed on The CW's Penn and Teller Fool Us, A & E, CBS and MTV. He also made an appearance on the famed Duck Dynasty.

Allow me to begin by stating the show was pretty good and had some interesting illusions, most of which a few magicians are performing on the circuit. Still, a lot of them kept you on the edge of your seat. Reza isn't your typical tux wearing top hat sporting kind of magician. He does cater to the younger audiences through his dress and music but don't let that deter you from seeing the show. If there were any comments to be made on the negative side it would be with his stage presence. My friend and I both agree, although a talented magician, he did seem a little stiff. This is only my opinion and others may not share it at all.

I won't give away any of the show and spoil things so I'll just get right to the ratings. For the overall show I would give it four and one-half stars (out of five.) I do recommend seeing the show as it was both entertaining and had very large scale illusions. More information can be obtained at: CLICK HERE and his schedule runs all year long. Reza can be seen at the Branson Famous Theater          Marty Haughn

GARRY & JANINE CARSON - ESCAPE REALITY Garry and Janine Carson are a young couple, Garry from Colorado and Janine from New York. They have performed over 8,000 shows at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, in over 40 countries, 5 International TV Specials, Penn & Teller Fool Us and Masters of Illusion. The Carsons won the International Magician's Society Merlin for Best International Magic & Illusion Duo for 2020. Oh, and did I mention this is a Dinner show as well!

This magical couple brought their Las Vegas magic & illusion show to Branson and produced the "Escape Reality" magic dinner show.

I liked this show a lot. It was fast paced and never left you bored. Garry has a way about him that even though his jokes were a little off they were funny. I think it is intentional. Right away the magic duo grabs your attention with an illusion. The lightinging and music were well mixed into the show. And that background for the show was excellent.

I must tell you that the virus took its toll on the audience as there were only 14 people in attendance. This did not keep the energy down one bit from Garry and Janine. Actually, I thought the smaller audience was good as it lead to everyone becoming a part of the show. Some were brought on stage and others were tasked with something from their seat. The show was a fine mix of illusions and parlour style magic. Very well put together.

Like the Reza show we all enjoyed it. They were two different styles of shows so in comparison, I cannot judge. I do recommend seeing the Escape Reality show. To rate it I again give it four and one-half stars. More information can be obtained at: CLICK HERE. Garry and Janine can be seen at the Branson Central Theater. By the way, the food was very good.          Marty Haughn

Ironically, these theaters are next door to each other!

Magic Book Reviews

THE LIFE AND AFTERLIFE OF HARRY HOUDINI, by Joe Posnanski This is the book Jim Henson told us about several months ago. After hearing of the book I decided I would venture out and grab a copy. To my dismay I was told all the books were pulled fromthe shelves. No reason was given. I remembered that Jim said the book was poorly organized and I thought that may have been the reason.

It was a few weeks ago, but I was at Books-A-Million and as always I look for new magic books/biographies. There it was! Two copies on the shelf! Of course, I snapped up my copy and headed off to pay for it.

I read the book over the course of two weeks between the things in life that get in the way and found that the book was still disorganized. So, that was not the reason it was pulled from the shelf. Regardless, it read more like a pseudo short stories book. Sure, some of the stories ran into other chapters, but the material was interesting.

It matter not if you are a fan of Houdini or and anti-Houdini fan, the book boasted material for either group. The most interesting part I found from the book was the way the author, Joe Posnanski, did his research and who he spoke with. Ther ei s a lot of interesting historical information that will lead you into wondering if any of it is true or not. All-in-all, I enjoyed reading the stories, true or not, and it sure made you think and being a fan of Houdini, although it did not alter my opinion, it sure gave me a different perspective on what I thought about him.

Houdini fan or not, this is a good read. Entertaining and interesting. I recommend the book.          Marty Haughn