“Blast from the Past” September 2021

This month takes us back 53 years, to the September, 1968 meeting of the Ring. The President at that time was James Nolting and the Secretary was E. C. Gene Walther. The Ring met monthly at the Albert Pike Hotel.

September meeting was called to order by President James Nolting promptly at 7:30 p.m. Six members of this Ring attended the T.A.O.M. Convention that just concluded at Ft. Worth, Texas. All of those attending reported they had a very enjoyable time. The Texas Rings sure have a knack for putting on very fine conventions and each one seems to surpass the one before. We wish to thank the fine people of Ft. Worth Ring 15 and all of the fine performers for the excellent entertainment.

Frank Caple and Logan Pritchett presented the show for the evening. Frank Caple performed the Misers Dream, which was very well done. He followed with coin production from a handkerchief, six card repeat, cut and restored rope, ring off rope and multiplying golf balls. Logan Pritchett then began with McCombical prediction. He then turned the program over to Frank Pritchett who did Fantasio's Vanishing Lit Candle and Disappearing Knot in silk to two silks.

Logan then returned with six card mental test and disappearing beer bottle to miniature coke. All of the above effects may be purchased from Logan Pritchett believe it or not. Jam session was held after show and John McSmith did tree of hearts. Walter Scott twisting the aces and Henry Johnson Powers of Darkness.

There were a lot of classic effects performed at that meeting years ago. Most are familiar but McCombical Prediction might be one to look up. It appears that T.A.O.M. Conventions have been around for quite awhile. There have been many great ones that have offered some spectacular entertainment. Jim Henson and Marty Haughn recently took a road trip and attended this year’s convention. Perhaps they can share the highlights with us at the next meeting.

Until next time, remember, the past offers insight and inspiration as far back as you wish to look.