“Blast from the Past” September 2022

This month's report, goes back 12 years to the August, 2010 meeting of the Ring. The President at that time was Tyler Vodehnal and the Secretary was Kylan Mann. The Ring met monthly at Shuffeld Auditorium in Little Rock.

For our August monthly meeting, we were honored to have Wayne Houchin come to Ring 29 to lecture. Vice President Jon Bucher opened the meeting with announcements, and Christy Henson spoke about the Magic Museum in Houston, Texas, which will only be lasting until September 1. The meeting was then adjourned by Michael Wilkinson.

Jon introduced our lecturer, Wayne Houchin. Wayne gave an exceptional lecture by performing several of his signature tricks and giving a great discussion on the art of success. He started the lecture with his classic "Thread" routine in which he swallowed a piece of thread, and then he pulled it directly from his eye ball. Incredible, yet sickening. He then performed "Influence" to where he had Bob Bullock select a card and then Wayne placed it back in the deck without Bob knowing where it was, and then Bob amazingly selected the same card with the backs facing him. Wayne then performed "Matchbite" to where he put out a lit match on his tongue, (you could hear the sizzle), and then bit off the match and blew it back on. He performed several other effects including his "Stigmata," his "Torn and Restored Card" routine, and the one that even helped Criss Angel get noticed, his Quarter in a Can routine, "Sinful."

All around, it was an incredible lecture. Thanks for coming to Ring 29, Wayne. Great job!

It's always a special night when the Ring is able to host a magic lecture. That evening was especially memorable because Wayne Houchin was the guest lecturer and he wowed everyone with some stunning, innovative, and cutting edge magic. His routines were designed to startle his audience, and they did. The Ring continues to be on the lookout for magical lecturers and is currently trying to book a special lecture, so watch for more info coming soon.

Until next time, remember, the past remains only a memory away.