“Blast from the Past” May 2023

This month we will check back in on the Ring from 17 years ago at the May, 2006 meeting. The President at that time was Don Baer and the Secretary was Chris Westfall. The Ring met monthly at Baptist Medical Center, Room 20 in Little Rock.

May found over 30 members practicing and performing rope magic. President Don Baer conducted the business meeting, highlighting upcoming regional and national meetings as well as local performances. Our new officers are: Christy Henson, President; Chris Westfall, Vice President; Mike Curtis, Historian; James Kinsey, Treasurer; Tyler Vodehnal and Gerry Bailey, Secretaries.

Derick Rose performed and lectured on The Professor's Nightmare (TPN), patterned on Trevor Lewis' routine. Derrick also did his version of David Williamson's Ring and Rope. Derrick pointed out the importance to the working performer of an immediate reset.

Mike Curtis showed his version of TPN, with a few added handling touches. James Kinsey's Comedy Cut and Restored Rope performance in which the knot popped off the rope was well done and well received. Alex Lyon offered a few variations on TPN as well as the Cut and Restored Rope. The ends disappeared into a Thumb Tip.

Although many of the tricks performed were the same, each performer provided some variation. Alex, for example, taught us a display of the three ropes which was entirely different from other performers.

Pam Medrez' Pet Rope was well performed in Pam's usual endearing style. Jon Bucher's introduced us to his trained rope. As always, Jon was most entertaining. Chris Westfall presented Daryl Martinez'/Pavel's Acrobatic knot.

Jim Henson, Mr. Magic himself, performed a medley of magic including the Stiff Rope, Fishing for Cards and a Jumping/Color Changing Rope routine. Jim also brought a large selection of rope magic for the benefit of those who can't make it to The Shop as often as we would like. Thanks, Jim!

Jesse McKinney, magician and student of magic par excellence, launched from David Williamson's Ring and Rope routine into a wonderful sequence of magical rope wonders. President Don Baer's version of TPN illustrated how a difference in patter can make a trick the performer's own.

Gerry Bailey performed a trick dating to his beginnings in magic, a comedy Cut and Restored Rope, and then demonstrated his initial foray into Tabary's most formidable routine.

Melvin Brown, unable to find his voice, performed a card trick with slates culminating in the word "rope" transforming into the real article.

Many thanks to Erin Lyon for her gracious assistance! President-elect and magicienne extraordinaire, Christy Henson, entertained us with her version of Tying a Knot without Letting Go (sic) of the Ends. Her explanation was superbly done as one might expect from a professional teacher! Thanks to Bill Fulton's family members, Noah and Steve, for their gracious assistance.

Closing a most entertaining evening with his version of the Rope through the Neck was our newest member, Michael Williamson. Thanks, Mike! Ring 29 learned many handlings for the Professor's Nightmare-although if we saw one more performance of this venerable trick, we might have all hung ourselves.

Ropes, ropes and more ropes! That was one meeting in which everyone stayed with the night's theme. It was surprising how many clever variations of "The Professor's Nightmare" were presented on top of the excellent lecture given by Derrick Rose. It was an entertaining evening as homage was given to one of Magic's true classics.

Until next time, remember, the past may only remain a distant memory until you decide to revive it once again.