“Blast from the Past”

This month we peek back 29 years to the October, 1991 meeting of the Ring. The President at that time was Lisa Bolin and the Secretary was Jim Henson. The Ring met monthly at C.A.R.T.I. in Little Rock.

The October meeting was held at the home of Guy and Mary Ann Campbell. The Campbell’s graciously offered the use of their home for the annual family picnic. Everyone enjoyed a delicious potluck before performances.

JIM HENSON opened with his version of Spot the Wonder Dog. Jim placed black handkerchief and a white handkerchief into a black and white spotted bag. Miraculously, the handkerchiefs disappeared and the bag turned into the face of a dog named Spot.

MIKE CURTIS performed a silk through glass as Mary Ann Campbell narrated. Mike continued with the assistance of 81-year-old JULIE SYLER. Julie selected a card and returned it to the deck. Mike produced cards from just about every possible piece of clothing (including his socks) in an effort to locate Julie's card. Mike failed to produce the card because the selected card was the only card remaining in the card box. Mike had the same card signed by Mary Ann, tore the card into pieces, gave a corner to Mary Ann, and vanished the remaining pieces. The selected card was found in an envelope that had been on the fireplace mantle all evening. The card was stapled to a piece of cardboard with the signature intact. The missing corner held by Mary Ann matched perfectly.

LISA BOLIN showed Diamond Jack. Though no magic is involved, the performer shares the hilarious tale of Diamond Jack, illustrated with a deck of cards.

CHRISTY HENSON performed Chocolate Lover's Delight. Christy had JANET SYLER choose a candy bar from a variety of miniature candy bars. Before Janet made her selection, Christy wrote a prediction and put it away for safe keeping. Christy's prediction matched Janet's selection and Janet received a miniature candy bar for her trouble.

JAMES SYLER amazed the crowd with nothing more than three cups of water. James poured water into one cup and to make sure there was no confusion, he poured the water from the first cup into the remaining two cups. He then mixed the cups and asked a spectator to select the cup containing the water. Much to everyone's surprise, the water vanished without a trace.

SUMMER HENSON did the insurance policy, with a twist. SUMMER found the selected card without the aid of the insurance policy.

SCOTT DAVIS entertained with needle through mirror. MARY ANN CAMPBELL performed a brand new effect called the Orb. The Orb is a wooden sphere on the center of a long string. The sphere floats up and down the string at the will of the magician. Mary Ann did a nice job with this effect and asked the crowd for performance advice.

Dr. HENRY JOHNSON borrowed a sports jacket from a member of the audience and extinguished a cigarette in the back of the coat. The owner of the coat was very dismayed until it was discovered therewas no damage to the coat and no trace of the cigarette. An evening of fun, food, fellowship, magic and the warm hospitality of Guy and Mary Ann all combined to make this a special meeting for the Ring. It was the perfect mixture for magical memories to be made. Annul Ring picnics have always provided good formats for members to enjoy different settings and demonstrate their entertainment skills. We should look forward to more of these in the future.

Until next time, remember, both successes and failures of the past can help shape your better future.