“Blast from the Past”

This month's report is a rearward look of 51 years. It is remembering the March, 1970 meeting of the Ring. The President at that time was Logan Pritchett and the Secretary was E. C. Gene Walther. The Necromancers of Ring 29 met monthly at the Albert Pike Hotel. “Our meeting was held as usual in the Albert Pike Hotel. We had only seven members and two guests present.

We are looking forward to a lecture in May by Bruce Cervon from the Magic Castle. A number of our members are planning to attend the Cavalcade on April 24-26 at Tulsa, Okla. We always have a good time at these get togethers. Walt Scott began the fun portion of the evening with some astounding feats of prestidigitation which included Al Koran's Golden Medallion, A Ned Rutledge Astro Mental effect, Seven Keys to Baldpate and several other mysteries. We enjoyed Walter's presentations very much.

John Tucker, who has applied for membership in the I.B.M. demonstrated some unusual juggling abilities. He seems to be a young man of many developed talents and he will be a welcome addition to this Ring.

Logan Pritchett will have a dealer at the Tulsa Cavalcade, the T.A.O.M. In Dallas and the Jubilee at St. Louis. I will go along to keep the booth open while he is out playing around. So hope to see many of our friends soon.”

That month's meeting was rather small in attendance but still packed several magical presentations plus a fresh applicant for the Ring. There was also some special events to anticipate with the upcoming Cervon lecture and magic conventions in Tulsa, Dallas and St. Louis. A lot of magic happening in the area.

Until next time, remember, the past may have already gone by, but can be retrieved with just a little thought.