“Blast from the Past” November 2021

This month’s review goes back 22 years to the November, 1999 meeting of the Ring. The President at that time was Damon Reinbold and the Secretary was Bill Fulton. The Ring met monthly at Baptist Medical Center, Room 20.

Bill Fulton opened the meeting with a discussion on the Annual Christmas Party to be held in January. The Board is proposing two dates to the membership, 15th or 16th. Jim Henson announced that the first Junior Magicians Program would be held on November 20th.

The Ring has started a telephone tree to contact members about lectures. We now have a suggestion box located at our headquarters and it will be present at each monthly meeting. All new members will be installed at the Christmas Party.

In our New Magic Review, Bob Owen showed us Larry West’s Passing the Buck. Michael Strobel gave us a review of Dave Arch's book, Showmanship for Presenters. Our Ring has been discussing holding teach-ins on improving individual’s performances. Jim Henson presented an overview and demonstration of our evening’s theme on “Thumb tips, Pulls and Dye Tubes.”

Andy Stirman acted as emcee and started with a silk appear effect using a Thumb Tip. Theron Nunley followed with a demonstration and talk on vanishing money with a Thumb Tip and an explanation of Dick Berry’s fish appearance in a wine glass using a small Thumb Tip and a Beta (small fish).

Grant Ludder showed us how to cause a string of pearls to become a miniature poodle. Greg Gillis performed a long and very funny routine with cards, Thumb Tip and salt. This was a must see performance. Don Thompson changed a silk to money using a Thumb Tip. Chris Westfall did a wonderful $100 Bill Switch. Kyle Hamsher produced silks and vanished them for our final act.

After some necessary business, the Ring members showed their stuff with a great variety of magical effects. Most followed the night’s theme, as presented by Mr. Magic himself, with a tip or two. So many amazing effects can be performed or enhanced with that one special classic item. Many of us probably take it for granted and overlook its power to amaze. Maybe it’s time to dig it out of the bottom of that magic drawer or box and unleash its potential.

Until next time, remember, “What’s past is past,” but that doesn’t mean its not relevant and useful today.