Officer Reports: November 15, 2020


    Marty Haughn, President

    Let me begin by thanking everyone who was able to make it to the April meeting. Everyone seemed to have a great time despite the windy conditions and were properly entertained by our talented magicians. Thanks to each of them as well.

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    Dane Dover, Vice President

    Books or Video (All forms) which is better? Well, thatís kind of like asking if playing cards should be used with mentalism, if you like Chris Angel or if comedy magicians are comedians or magicians (can they be both)? There will be different opinions among all in the magic community.

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    Shawn Miller, Secretary

    Ring 29 members and guests met on Saturday at 2 PM April 10, 2021, live and in person at Don Hughes Park Sherwood/Jacksonville Arkansas. President Marty Haughn presided over the meeting and was very glad to see everyone (well most of them, some of their faces were covered by a mask.

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    Mike Curtis, Historian

    In this month's report we will drop in on the April, 1998 meeting of the Ring from 23 years ago. The President at that time was Don Baer and the Secretary was Bill Fulton. The Ring met monthly at Room 20 of Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock.

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