Officer Reports: November 15, 2020


    Marty Haughn, President

    Another month goes by in this crazy year. 2020 will be remembered as one of the worst year's ever. Still, we are able to move about to get groceries and for those who choose, do a little traveling.

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    Dane Dover, Vice President

    As a society we in our culture do not revere age or the wisdom that comes with it. The same is true in Magic we do not look to the past and are searching for what is new and shiny.

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    Shawn Miller, Secretary

    Ring 29 members meet on Thursday at 6:30 pm November 5, 2020, at Vice President Dane Dover's home, and virtually via zoom.

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    James Kinsey,

    Every month our treasury report will be made available for members. You will find it here as well as in the newsletter. August Report Available

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    Mike Curtis, Historian

    This month's report is from 24 years ago. It is remembering the December, 1996 meeting of the Ring. The President at that time was James Kinsey and the Secretary was Bill Fulton. The Ring met monthly at Baptist Medical Center, Room 20.

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