President's Report

I would like to sincerely apologize to all the members who tried to join us via Zoom. Shawn Miller worked hard at making sure we had all the right equipment and connections to make this happen. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be and for this I am deeply sorry. We intend to work harder for the next meeting to make sure we are Zoom capable so everyone can participate in one form or another.

What a success Thursday night was! Let me begin by thanking Jim Henson for allowing us to use his building for our meeting. I believe everyone felt safe and sound. Additional thanks to Jim for his generosity. Near the end of the evening I turned the activities to Jim and he began his list of "games" as he calls them. For the next hour or so everyone in attendance began filling up a Walmart bag full of goodies supplied by "Mr. Magic" himself. Drawings were held for some really great magic, books and DVDs. He hopes to do this again soon as he has a lot more to give away. Stay tuned and prepared to attend.

Business began with the welcoming of two new prospective members who attended to see what we were all about. They chose a good one to attend! I would like to personally invite Dako Albeik and Adam Hogg to attend once again. I also invite them to become active members of Ring 29.

Ring members were informed of the Ring 29 website being up and running. It was asked of each attending member to go check it out and see if there were any further issues needing attention. I would like to thank Bob Bullock for identifying several issues that have since been corrected. There other members I wish to thank for their on-going assistance during the build. Along with Bob Bullock I include Gary Fambrough and James Kinsey for their assistance and advice.

We are in need of some future meeting themes. I am in the process of setting up a "Theme Nameing Contest" and will work on a top three prize list. Here is what you can do. Come up with your best idea for theme night, send it to, then the entries will be gathered for the next meeting for everyone to vote on. The Top Three will be awarded a prize of some sort.

As for where the next meeting will be held, it has yet to be determined. As soon as we know for certain where, everyone will be notified. Again, the same rules of social distancing and mask wearing will be required. Temperatures will be taken at the door and hand sanitizer will be available for everyone. AND...if he has any left, Shawn Miller had some faces masks made up with big bold letters: "LRMR29" on the front. Thanks Shawn!

Until we meet again, please take good care of yourself and your family. Stay safe and healthy.

Best Regards,
Marty Haughn