President's Report - September 2022

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
-Leonardo da Vinci-

In almost every magic kit that is sold today you will find one of the following items. Cups and Balls, Linking Rings.

I find it curious that something that is a throw away item is something that Professional Magicians make a career out of. If you have ever seen Pop Haydn do his ring routine then you will know that the Linking Rings can be an entertaining and thought provoking piece of Magic. If you have ever seen Gazzo do the Cups and Balls, or Suzanne as was demonstrated at the last lecture you can quickly see that this can be a piece of art. If you missed Suzanne’s lecture, you missed a good one. I’ve been inspired to work on the Cups and Balls again. (Yes I had abandoned them, in pursuit of other things).

Houdini has been quoted as saying, “I consider no man to be a magician unless he can perform the Cups and Balls.”

It has been said that “No one should consider himself a magician if he cannot work the Cups and Balls”, which is not strictly true; the converse, however, does hold well – “Anyone who can perform the cups and balls skillfully is a good magician.” - Jean Hugard in Hugard’s Magic Manual c.1939.

Some have even said that the Cups and Balls encapsulate most of Magic’s greatest moments. Appearance of an object from nothing, vanishing an object, Transportation from one place to another, some comedy, timing, and surprise.

So, grab a set of Cups and Balls and get to work. Penn and Teller used clear plastic cups and balled up aluminum foil. I’ve seen routines with kid’s sand pails and rubber balls. So, there is no excuse not to start working on the cups and balls. Hope to see routines from some of you in the future.