President's Report - May 2023

It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since the club elected be to be the President of Ring 29 of the IBM. What a pleasure it has been. So often we go through life and forget to say thanks. Here are the people I am thankful for.

I want to thank all those who are not on the Board but are always willing to help. Jim Henson is always willing to let us use his house as a meeting place, always ready to do a show and tell and give away magic for those in attendance at the meetings (If you don't come you don't know what you are missing). Bob White is always willing to try and get the clubhouse for us to use on special occasions. Larry Bean always supporting us as the Territorial VP. All the performers at our various shows, teach-ins, etc. Kristy, Tammy, Brenda, Janie, Mary Ann and others who are always making sure anytime we have food or snacks that everything is set up and organized.

I want to thank the Board for their work.

Marty for being our Secretary - and doing most of the work. He had to put up with me dragging my feet to get the report done. (Thanks, Marty, for your gentle reminders). In addition to maintaining the website and the newsletter Marty continues to pick up the slack on all fronts.

Joel for being our VP - Joel is always willing to work in the background and make sure everything is going to happen he is also willing to fill in when I'm swamped with Tax Returns (Hey some of us are still working).

James for being our Treasurer - James always must wrangle the dues from everyone and is the one who must account for all our income and expenses. While we don't have a million-dollar budget this is still more than you would think.

Mike for being our Historian - Mike is just an overall nice guy and always has wise counsel based on his years of experience within our club.

Gerry Bailey for being our Sergeant at Arms - Gerry is always willing to help and is also our auctioneer whenever we need one. Gerry is a great addition to our board.

To all our new members thanks for showing an interest in our club. We hope to foster an environment where Magic is alive and Fun.

Dane Dover
President, Ring 29