Secretary's Report - January 2023

Little Rock Magic Ring 29 did not have a meeting this month as we enjoyed our annual Christmas Magic Show on Jamuary 14th. What a show it was! Many thanks go out to the two close up magicians, Bob Bullock and Chris Thompson for entertaining guests as they waited for the show to begin. Of course, we cannot forget the six magicians who had our audience laughing and mesmerized, Al Henager, Blayk Puckett, Derrick Rose, Jimmy Rhodes, Scott Davis and Joey Williams. These fine entertainers gave us all a fantastic show and as a result we will have some of our new guests returning for next year.

The following is a short description of the acts. To see each performance, please go to the Video archive on the website.

In brief, the show kicked off with a bang as Master of Ceremonies Marty Haughn got the audience worked up with some entertaining music. Sporting orange framed sunglasses and a flashing hat Marty headed into the audience and started dancing with Molly Jones, Granddaughter of Jo Jones.

First on board was the dapper looking Al Henager. Al brought a sense of class and elegance demonstrating complete control over his routine. Alís script is his original writing which had the audience captivated throughout his telling of a story from his childhood called ďThe Mystery of the Guitar Mansion" while coins magically moved, a version of "Copentro", from one location to another. It seemed that every time a bell was rung one of his coins had left and appeared in a silk covered glass.

Al was followed by Blayk Puckett who started with a unique newspaper tear then moved into a "High Gravity" sort of juggling or spinning or try not to spill the milk routine. Blayk had the audience in a frenzy of entertainment and excitement.

Derrick Rose was introduced next and began talking about, of all things, a "Blind Date". Several questions were asked of an audience member regarding a month, day and through a chosen name from cards, her date's name. Everything stated ended up being on the prediction sheet pulled from a large envelope he had on stage.

We took a short fifteen minute break then moved right into the transferring of Rabbit E. Lee to yet another home. The previous guardian was Joel Nicholson who, by tradition, added a COVID home test to the traveling rabbit. The lucky guardian this year was Dan Hecke. I wonder what will be added for next year.

The second half of the show was kicked off with Jimmy Rhodes. Jimmy always seems to have a lot of fun while on stage and includes an audience member. This time was no different as he needed some money. A young volunteer came up with three dollars which started the comedic run of jokes and fun.

All the way from Hot Springs, Scott Davis spun the audience up once again looking for a woman to volunteer her wedding ring. She obliged and then a young volunteer came up to assist in not only losing the ring but finding it coming from a bubble gum machine.

Our closing act was Joey Williams. He provided a lengthy introduction which explained not only the music but a short story behind the performance. Joey has been know to make a mess on stage and was banned from repeating...the ban was lifted and a snow storm hit the stage. Great music and great finish for the show. It was clear the audience had a great time and was highly entertained thanks to our performers. We will do it all again next year.

Until then,

Stay Safe and Magical,
Marty Haughn
Secretary, Ring 29