Secretary's Report

Ring 29 members and guests met in person for the first time in a while at Jim Henson's home. First we would like to thank Jim for the location and his hospitality. It was a nice change from the less inspiring Zoom meetings.

Upon entry to the meeting everyone was given a ticket for prizes to be given out during the evening. What a generous host, thanks Mr. Magic!

Before the meeting began, Jim gave us a brief reminder of the social distancing rules and protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy along with the layout of the facilities.

President Marty Haughn presided over the meeting and began by thanking the members and our two new guests and potential new members to the group, welcome to Ring 29. Then we got to business with an announcement about our new up and running website. I'm not sure how many hundreds of hours it must have taken. It looks awesome! Here are the two addresses to use: and Thanks Marty we really appreciate all your hard work making us a real nice web site.

Mike Curtis and James Kinsey teamed up in the creation of a Ring survey. The surveys are important to Ring development and improvement. They have been mailed to all members and it is appreciated for their return with your ideas.

Discussion of future meeting locations was on the table. Anyone with a possible location which may be available please let one of the officers know the details. We are unsure of any future use at the hospital classroom. With that, business was concluded.

Tonight's theme was "First Trick learned". We jumped right into the magic performances with a special treat from Hot Springs' own Melvin Brown (Jamel). He entertained with his street busking style show. The 8th wonder of the world. Classic Street Magic with a heavy dose of comedy. He had us rolling with his routine. Give a magician enough rope and he will do a trick and he did with pizazz.

We were "knot" let down by his rope magic! Next he showed us the 2nd oldest trick in the world, (Cups and balls) with the help of Gertrude (Jim Henson) and a surprise coconut under the hat ending. Great show, thanks again Melvin.

Starting off the magic performances of the meeting was none other than our President Marty Haughn with a trick that happened in the hands of the volunteer Dako. Marty thought of a card then Dako cut and dealt down cards into 2 stacks. The stacks revealed the suit and value of the chosen card. How does this work every time, mind-blowing!

Next up Bob Bullock continuing with some more rope tricks like the "What Knot" and "Ring through Rope". Next came his his "First Trick Learned" 3 cards chosen by the audience then put back into the deck to miraculously turn upside down in the deck.

Mike Curtis' "1st trick" was with cards. Jim picked a card and placed it in the deck and Mike started turning over cards but passed the selection and still the next card turned over was the right card. The key to this trick was timing.

Adam Hogg was up next. A card was chosen by Jim, the deck was shuffled and spread out and all the cards of the same suit as the selected card had turned over in the deck. Wow!

Blake Puckett was up next with more cards. A card was selected, put back into deck but the card was not found but a single card fell to the ground. He put his foot over the card and somehow it changed to the selected card. How amazing! Always a great performance with Blake.

Jim Henson was up with help from Rocky Raccoon and Shawn Miller. Shawn picked a card and put it back in the deck and then was then placed into a hat and with a keen sense of smell Rocky found his card. Animals are magic too!

Our resident locksmith Gary Bailey was up with a lock trick. A demonstration of chance. 7 keys was passed out and miraculously only Gary's would work. Is it skill or wizardry? We may never know.

James Kinsey was up with Crazy Man's handcuffs, a classic of rubber band magic and then a card trick. One card folded along the length and one along the width were folded together but somehow half of the card turned over inside the folded cards. It was torn in half to show it had really turned over.

Jimmy Rhodes was up next with his first trick he learned from his Granddad, "The French Drop". He borrowed a silver dollar from Jim, showed it to the room and then made it disappear. Jimmy's granddad was a hobo clown.

Next up our builder and inventor, Shawn Miller with another coin trick. He ask our guest Dako to sign a coin then made it disappear only to return to a sealed coin size bag nested in 2 match boxes. How did he do that?

Next up Larry Bean, our Territorial Vice President, was looking good and always with a funny story and a trick he learned from his suite mate from college. Our guest, Adam Hogg, chose a card then Larry mixed it back into the deck. Four different cards were placed face down then Larry slapped the cards and the last one left was the chosen card. Always good to see Larry Bean.

Bob White was up with almost his "first trick" and it fooled me. He riffled down until told to stop. 2 cards were placed freely back into the deck with one swift motion he was left holding 2 cards in his hand. Nice Bob! Thanks for teaching us that one. Then Bob showed us "Twerking the Aces". I'm still not sure how he could make the aces seemingly turn over at will. Good one Bob!

Last performer of the night was one of our guests, Dako. His "first trick" was a dot that he made jump from finger to finger then showed us an "ambitious" set of card tricks that ended with a sign back and a signed front becoming the same card. Nice work Dako!

President Marty Haughn concluded the meeting and thanked our members and guests for coming out. Then handed the floor to Jim (Mr. Magic) Henson for a wonderful surprise. Jim demonstrated and passed out numerous magic tricks and props to everyone present. Little Rock Magic Ring 29 is grateful for Jim Henson. He is such an inspiration and pillar to our magic community. Listening to the stories tonight about our "first magic" all seem to include Jim or "Mr. Magic". I think I can speak for everyone and say thank you Jim.

Oh yea! Remember those tickets, Jimmy Rhodes drew our tickets out of a top hat. Then in numerical order we could go to a table filled with magic (mostly from Col. Seymour) and pick one magic trick at a time until they were gone. Wow! Then we did the same at a table of DVDs ending the night with ticket drawings for a few grand prizes. What a wonderful meeting it was!

Many thanks to everyone that made it out. Be safe and stay magical.

Shawn Miller