Secretary's Report - September 2021

Ring 29 members and guests met at Larry’s Pizza in Little Rock Arkansas 7 PM Thursday, September 2. Vice president Dane Dover presided over the meeting.

President Marty Haughn and Jim Henson went on a road trip to Texas Association of Magicians (TAOM) in Austin, Texas can’t wait to hear how that trip went.

We met early to order pizza and eat before the meeting. The business portion of the meeting was very small, some old business and a brief discussion of new business regarding a lecture coming up November 12 with Jim Sisti. That’ll be fun and interesting. You should all try to be there for that lecture. He's a restaurant magician.

We will have a meeting next month and the location is still to be determined so watch your emails. (Update: October meeting will be the Auction) and a notice will come out in the emails about the December Ring Christmas party being held at the Stagecoach Clubhouse. Always check the website for the newsletter and watch your emails for important information about Ring events. The business portion of the meeting was adjourned and we got right to the good stuff, the performances.

The attendance was somewhat small for tonight’s. First up was Mike Jones, it was nice to see Mike and Jo Jones as we haven’t seen them since the pandemic started. Jo didn’t perform tonight but Mike did, he had an amazing cube in a jar that before our eyes transformed into a bunch of chocolate candies and the chocolate candies that he was holding with his other hand transformed into a cube. I’m not sure how he did it as it happened almost instantly, great trick Mike (I bet if you wanted one of these cube candy tricks you could probably contact Mike Jones). Next up was Mike Curtis not to perform but to tell us a wonderful story that had to do with the theme Buyer’s Remorse or Magic Trick Remorse. Mike had a great story about an article in an old magazine which described a way to make an object disappear from your hand that involved a very long elaborate tube with the wire and gimmicks and gadgets which seemed impossible in a real world situation, he didn’t have the tube or the device but he had the article which described how spectacular the trick would be. I believe it was a Paul Diamond Magic Catalog trick, “The Phantom Coin Vanish”, always with a great story Mike.

Keeping the fun going was our guest and newest member Chris Thompson with a wonderful card trick. He asked for a volunteer and it was Mike Jones. As he went to the cards, not letting Mike see the cards, he would ask if it was a black card or red card. Mike would say what he thought it was and somehow at the end of the stack all the cards he predicted to be black were black and all the cards he predicted to be red were red. I’m not sure how he did this trick but it was “Out of this World”. Nice version of this trick. Chris also brought a young guest with him, I’m guessing seven or eight years old, Ryan with his own card trick. Ryan had Mike Jones pick a card and he placed it back in the deck. Ryan turned the deck over and somehow found the card that Mike had chosen. Having fun is the key to magic tricks, good job. Nice trick Ryan.

Next up was Shawn Miller with an interesting wooden box. Inside the wooden box was a deck of cards, an envelope, and a little mysterious black bag. He asked for two volunteers, Chris and Ryan. Shawn gave Chris the little bag then spread the cards out in front of Ryan. With the cards facedown, Ryan pointed out a card and Shawn removed the card showing it to the room of spectators Ryan then placed the card back into the deck without looking. Shawn asked Ryan if he would like to cut the deck and had Chris open the bag which had two magical dice. Chris rolled the dice to come up with a number, and believe it or not, Ryan’s card was at the number position that Chris rolled. He must be psychic because he also had the same card from a different deck in an envelope as a prediction.

Vice president Dane Dover was up next with a bit of Torn-Origami. Dane had Ryan come up to help him for this presentation. Dane had a paper napkin which represented a television screen from a hole that he created when folded in a very particular way. Dane tore out a perfect circle with the help of Ryan. Dane started the tear and Ryan finished it. Somehow when he opened up the napkin the circle was there but Ryan was holding a star shaped piece. I’m not sure how he did that but it was an awesome torn napkin trick. Dane, the consummate professional, made Ryan the star of the show.

Mike Curtis showed us a card tunnel of Trans Mutation where he folded two cards together one long ways one short ways and passed the cards through each other. As they went through, one of the cards turned around but it only appeared to be halfway turned around when he tore the cards apart and it had really flipped.

Shawn had another quick card trip for Ryan and we broke into a discussion of what our favorite force was, ending up with a round table on tricks we were working on. On that note, we concluded our meeting. Hope to see you at the next meeting, check your emails and newsletter. Try, if you dare, to figure out that hard puzzle.

Stay safe and stay magical.

Shawn Miller