Secretary's Report - November 2021

Ring 29 began the November meeting with some updated business provided by Ring President, Marty Haughn.

Plans for the December meeting/member party are getting solidified and invitations have been sent out. The plan is to have a potluck style Christmas party for members and immediate family members only. All Ring members will be performing for everyone and we hope each brings in their best.

An attendance sheet and potluck list was provided to the Ring for sign up and is being left with Treasurer James Kinsey who is our point of contact. All those interested are encouraged to contact James as seats are limited.

The Ring 29 January Magic Show is still a go for January 8, 2022. There is little left to accomplish in regard to planning as all performers have been contacted and are ready to show off their talent. A few changes for the year have been made to accommodate some of the COVID restrictions, such as; no food will be served; no tables will be available; and the seats will be placed in theater style to accommodate a maximum of one-hundred and twenty audience members.

Another change is the selling of tickets to the show in an attempt to recoup the charges for room and stage rental. All tickets will be sold by Ring officers and as of this writing they are selling fast. Please get with one of the officers and grab your tickets soon. This show promises to be a good one.

Once the business end of our meeting closed, Vice President Dane Dover took over and acted as our emcee for the evening performances. The theme for the night was “Something You Created”. We were fortunate to have a large crowd in attendance with a few members we have not seen since the pandemic began. It was nice to see everyone again.

Beginning our performances was none other than Bob Bullock who promised a spooky showing as it was just Halloween. He “conjured up the dead” one who was labeled as a thief and con man. Unfortunately for Gary Fambrough, his wedding band was the target. Bob demonstrated a unique money making device that apparently is easy to conceal from authorities, that is, until the con man got greedy. Eventually, Gary had his ring returned in a fiery fashion and all ended well, except for the con man.

James Kinsey took over by showing us a nice leather pouch which was supposed to hold a large coin such as a half dollar or silver dollar. However, when he placed the coin into the pouch, snapped it closed, the crazy coin slipped out. James showed the pouch had no trap doors or slits for the coin to escape but somehow found a way. This is one of James’ creations. Well-made device.

Blayk Puckett, our resident juggler/magician, presented us with a unique device which resembled a bag clip and magnet. Blayk explained the clip was special as it was able to perform tricks like the haunted key. He also stated it made a great coin clip for storage. It was then Blayk pulled out two silver dollars and said the clip could magnetize the coins. Impossible, I say, but sure enough it happened right before our eyes. Demonstrating the strength of magnetism Blayk had a coin jump from one hand to the other, horizontally then vertically… upward!

Mike Jones had three volunteers assist him in a unique card routine where each counted out some cards, remembered one of them, counted out some more cards and then Mike swapped around the piles only to have the volunteers count some more off into a pile. Eventually, there were three stacks of cards on the table and to each volunteer he asked what their card was. One at a time the top card of each pile was turned over to reveal the chosen cards. Quite the miracle.

Gerry Bailey was next up with two tubes, a little stand for the tubes and a bottle of water. When one tube was placed over the second tube a die was placed inside then the tube was filled with water. After a little conjuring the inner tube was emptied and shown not to contain the die any longer. Moments later the outer tube was shown and yes, the die had moved to the outer tube. Trust me, there was no room for that die to fit between the tubes!

Dan Hecke, a crowd favorite, came up with his teleportation of information, a kind of mentalism. He had two volunteers sit back to back. Dane Dover was asked to select a card and not reveal it to anyone. Dr. Suen was then asked to gaze into a small crystal ball to try and discover the card. No luck. Dan then presented some rabbit ears, no, really, ears on a hair thingy and placed it on Dr. Suen. Then, again the Doc was asked to gaze into the crystal ball. No luck. Dan then produced TV rabbit ears for him to hold and Dane to hold the end of the cable. Still no luck. Of course, there was a solution. Dan went real old school and placed tin foil onto the rabbit ears. Finally, success. Dr. Suen was then able to see Dane’s card via the crystal ball. What a great routine.

New Member Chris Thompson brought his assistant with him tonight. Like most magicians he pulled out a deck of cards. Next came his assistant, a tiny plunger. Chris demonstrated that the tiny plunger had skills where it could pick up cards, not just one or two but nine and still find a chosen card. Like some assistants there are times where things get difficult or stage fright but the tiny plunger managed to get through and was successful.

Gary Fambrough brought back an old favorite of the Ring. I am not sure of the name but Gary has an unusual blind fold. Again, cards were used and one was selected. Gary placed his blindfold on (a paper bag with a comical face drawn on it and blindfolded). By virtue of feeling, Gary tried to identify the chosen card and got down to three. These cards were placed between Mike Jones’s fingers and then slapped. Two cards fell to the floor leaving Mike holding his chosen card.


ergeant at Arms Joel Nicholson came out with a Dean’s Box and a little poem. Asking Gary Fambrough to assist by connecting the two ropes together in the traditional manner. Having been unsuccessful and seeing the difficulty, Gary turned things over to Joel and the joining of the ropes was easily made.

Jon Bucher performed a routine he says was his introduction routine to Ring One many years ago. He had even brought his lunch with him. Mike Curtis joined in on the act by selecting a card. Well, true to course the card somehow was lost from the deck and not found, even after several attempts by Jon. It was then Jon offered Mike his lunch in exchange. The sandwich was described in detail and at the bottom of the whole mess was Mike’s selected card.

Daniel Parrish entertained us with another great sandwich trick which did not include the bread, lettuce and tomato Jon had. Instead Daniel uses the jokers from the deck. One by one the Aces appeared between the jokers, well, at least three of them did. Those were placed in Marty’s hand for safe keeping. Well the last of the aces appeared in Marty’s hand. Daniel has some finesse and skill with card handling and we hope to continue seeing him perform in the future.

Dr. Suen reluctantly came forward to perform for the first time in front of magicians. Dane being the closest target, I mean, a volunteer was asked to write down any name on a 3x5 card. The card was then folded and handed to Dr. Suen. The Doc then began tearing up the card and handing it back to Dane. It was at this point Dr. Suen identified the correct name that was written.

Closing out the performances were Marty Haughn with his jumping magic frog Izzy, Dane Dover with a clever production box where he removed several impossible items and finally, one of the most generous people we know Jim Henson had several give away items for Ring members. We surely enjoyed the magic but mostly the fellowship of all our members. I think I can say for everyone that it was a great time. Stay Safe and Stay Magical.

Marty Haughn

Stay safe and stay magical.