Secretary's Report

Ring 29 members and guests met on Saturday at 2 PM April 10, 2021, live and in person at Don Hughes Park Sherwood/Jacksonville Arkansas. President Marty Haughn presided over the meeting and was very glad to see everyone (well most of them, some of their faces were covered by a mask.

We had quite a nice turn out. The weather was a beautiful spring day but I have to admit the wind was stronger than strong. This made card tricks to be very difficult and challenging. Nevertheless, we are magicians and we charged on.

Joel Nicholson began our meeting with a wonderful prayer. Thanks Joel and thank you God for letting us have such a wonderful and blessed magic Ring so full of talent and fellowship.

First we handled a little business and Marty caught the group up on subjects being discussed by the board regarding future plans when the COVID situation eases up enough that we could get back to some sort of normalcy along with some of the ideas the board had been discussing for the future. A Ring auction and Ring flea market (you might have noticed in the newsletter) and a picnic maybe later on in the spring or summer.

As you may have noticed the newsletter always has a puzzle (they're pretty challenging). The first one who solves the puzzle wins a special prize and today the winner was Blake Puckett and the prize was a ceramic Ring 29 coffee mug (dishwasher safe) complements of Cool Caps in Sherwood Arkansas. Gerry Bailey was the first person to solve the puzzle but had seen it before so he passed the prize on to the next person (Blake). The puzzle challenge has been going on for the last three months. Gary Fambrough was our first winner followed by Mike Curtis. There will be another puzzle in our next newsletter so keep an eye out and good luck.

Before we got on to the magic there was an announcement of snacks and refreshments brought by Jim Henson and Tammy Haughn and a mention of some games, trivia and giveaways later on in the meeting.

Jim had an announcement of an upcoming Magician's Estate Sale as well which he'll be hosting later on in May the last three weekends actually to give everybody enough time to safely have a look at the estate sale items. There looks to be about seven estates to be sold off so mark your calendars and be ready to buy. I can't wait for that. Jim said people are coming from all over the United States it's going to be an exciting May for Ring 29.

Now the moment you've been waiting for, the magic performances, and who better to start off the day but none other than James Kinsey our very own Treasurer with a simple little trick that he's done thousands of times with two number 19 rubber bands. The classic "Crazy Man's Handcuffs" inspired James to learn from David Copperfield's TV special and how it launched him into magic. Thanks for a great story James.

Next up was Dan Hecke with a curious little black bag from which he removed a psychogalvanometer to help isolate people who have strong ESP potential and very quickly it chose Dane Dover and Tammy Haughn. Dan asked Tammy choose a card and instructed her to channel it to Dane which with the use of a crystal ball and a set of rabbit ears, and I mean literal white fuzzy pink rabbit ears, to help channel the vision of the card Tammy chose...didn't work! Dan had a backup, a classic TV antenna (rabbit ears as we knew them) making the signal was much stronger but Dane still couldn't see her card in the crystal ball. Again, not to be "foiled" again, Dan told the younger crown what we used to do to improve the signal by using aluminum foil to increase the signal on the rabbit ears which actually helped Dane see the card that Tammy channeled to him . Successful and well done Dan.

Up next was Hot Springs' Scott Davis. Scott explained to us that mind reading ran in his family his Uncle knew the exact day and time he was going to die (the judge told him). Scott chose three participants, showed them each a card then proceeded to recall the card they chose in a comedic manner to say the least what a treat. With his sense of humor Scott had the crown laughing and having a great time.

Next up we had a poet Blake Puckett with a little white ball and a little silver bucket. Blayk began his poem which included his name and the bucket…Ok, a bit corny but well worth the poem. Throughout the poem the little white ball traveled from bucket to Puckett and back again. The little white ball was unpredictable. It was obvious Blayk had put in his time for this routine as it was funny and a great twist on the classic chop cup.

Ring Vice President Dane Dover presented us with a sweet southern style trick. Dane entertained us with some southern charm and comedy whilst pouring sweet tea into a mason jar. Next he put the lid on, turned the jar upside down, removed the lid and to our amazement the tea stayed suspended in the jar! After some fancy talk it was on command when the tea dropped from the jar shocking those who watched.

Adrian Steelman was next with the assistance of our young guest Thatcher. Adrian had Thatcher cut a deck of cards into two stacks and then split those two stacks into a total of four stacks about equal size. Somehow, Thatcher managed to cut right to three of the aces but the fourth card was a four. Adrian was ready for it as the next card from that stack was a three, the next card was a two and finally, the next card was the ace great job Adrian and nice work cutting those cards Thatcher. To finish his performance, Adrian took those four aces and did a tribute to Dai Vernon and made those aces turn over seemingly on command.

Territorial Vice President Larry Bean was up next and as always provides us with an entertaining and funny joke along with a great trick. Since young Thatcher was so good at cutting cards Larry asked him to volunteer for his trick as well. Larry had Thatcher put the cards in the four stacks then Larry mixed up the cards and passed them out onto each of the stacks and somehow or another Thatcher once again found all four of the aces. This kid is good at cutting cards to the aces!

Thatcher was up next with his own trick having the assistance of Jan Hecke. Thatcher spread the deck asking Jan to choose a card and then Thatcher mixed the cards into the deck and commenced to alternate the cards upside down and right side up displaying where some are even back to back. With a snap and a magical gesture over the cards all the cards had turned back in the right orientation except for one card the one Jan had chosen, nice!

Next up one of our newest members Matthew Siebert with a little mentalism, that's a bit of a mind reader if you didn't know and he knew that Thatcher would be a great assistant a card was chosen and shown to everyone the ten of hearts. Matt with whiteboard in hand focused on Thatcher's thoughts and wrote the name of the card he was thinking but it was wrong! What? How could it be? Matt used an eraser and only to reveal in a hidden message the ten of hearts!

Up next was a very young Elijah Davis. This little guy had a full sized cup and balls routine that was super amazing. Stage fright got the best of him upon his first call. After some coaching and soft words of encouragement from his father, Elijah came back with a vengeance. Under the watchful and confident eye of his father, Elijah began a wonderful cups and balls routine that went off without a hitch. Scott was a proud father after seeing his son work out the fright. This young magician will be heading for great things with the art of magic. Best of luck Elijah and thank you for entertaining us all.

To close out the magic portion of our meeting, Marty Haughn began with a little bit of history involving money counterfeiting and the Secret Service. Marty had acquired a Japanese money printing machine that would use special paper and could print money right before our very eyes. Although there was a little difficulty with the device, an adjustment or two and behold, a freshly printed ten dollar bill from the 1980's! Marty you are going to have to keep that one secret from the Secret Service but, just a note, he only printed one side as to not break any counterfeiting laws.

Next Jim had a couple of old promotional photographs of Randall Eller from back in the 80s. Although he was unaware of it, Randall did autograph them for those who wanted one.

Jim then passed out tickets for a raffle drawing for some great DVDs on some cool magic, It was now time for the trivia games. Jim passed around a picture of three people to let everyone try to guess who the three magicians were. I don't believe anyone got it then Jim announced that it was none other than Logan Pritchett the person who our club was formally named after, Bob Walther one of the founding members of our club, and in the middle of the picture was a very young and curly haired Doug Henning. What a blast from the past. Finally, we finished up the meeting with some history and a little lesson in the form of trivia. Facts were read and each team of two had an opportunity to identify the magician the facts pertained to. Some of the facts were difficult and some were easy. The top three teams received a three DVD se to take home.

It was great to see everyone who attended, even with a mask on. We hope to see you all next month along with those who were unable to attend. Everyone had a great time, received some fantastic gifts and prizes.

A very special thanks goes out to Jim "Mr. Magic" Henson for providing the giveaways and prizes. As always, Jim's generosity is only surpassed by his friendship. Stay safe, stay healthy, and most of all stay magical.

Shawn Miller
Ring 29 Secretary