Secretary's Report

Ring 29 members meet on Thursday at 6:30 pm November 5, 2020, at Vice President Dane Dover's home, and virtually via zoom. President Marty Haughn presided over the meeting. First off a brief discussion on the success of the Ring 29 survey. Surveys are a fun way to find out what the Ring members interest.

We had a discussion on the ins and outs, the dos and don'ts of 3D printing for magicians. A few of our members are 3D printing enthusiasts. Additionally, we discussed future Ring meeting locations and an event in the near future. Matt Seibert joined via Zoom and had an enlightening demonstration of Christmas light tech, wow.... Matt stacks up the tricks and laughs.

Next up Marty Haughn with a wonderful card trick by Martin Gardner that needed the help of three spectators. With a shuffled deck, Matt took a third of the deck, next Dane took a third, and Shawn had the rest. Then, a card was selected by each person, a number was chosen by each person, and somehow we each ended at the right location of our card, an amazing trick. Nice explanation Marty, we always enjoy learning a new card trick.

Dane was up next with some sweet candy magic,two different tricks by using the same method. First Shawn Miller selected a bag of M&Ms from many then tore off a corner of the package. Dane poured out candy onto the table and presented a card predicting the colors of the candy that came out. Next Dane performed a torn and restored candy bag trick, sweet trick, then we made those M&Ms disappear.

Shawn Miller was up next with a triumphant shuffling card trick. Dane chose a card, and it was put back in the deck. Half the cards were turned over and shuffled, some up, some down with a magic thump, all the cards flipped over except one, Danes card.

Next Matt had a card penetrating a dollar bill wow! He then presented a wonderful display of balance, stacking one thing onto another, he must have skill and balance beyond belief, nice one Matt.

Shawn Miller brought a puzzle box he had made from wooden stir sticks, no one could get inside without the simple solution. Nice puzzle box Shawn.

We closed the meeting and magic with a discussion on magic books and a review of possible locations for upcoming events for 2021. There will be more information coming forward in the near future.

See you at the next meeting. Stay safe and stay magical.

Shawn Miller