Vice President's Report - August 2021

Magic Lessons

Have you ever had Magic Lessons? Every year at the IBM convention there is the teen seminar. Every year Tannen’s has a magic camp. Jim Henson used to teach magic lessons at his Magic Shop (not sure if he still teaches or not). Col. Seymour used to teach magic lessons at his residence. Paul Carlon used to do a summer camp at UALR (not sure if he still does this or not). The difference between magic lessons and a lecture is that an instructor is guiding you step by step (in other words it is one-on-one instruction to some degree). Can you learn to play the guitar by watching You tube or online instruction, yes, can you learn to play better and really understand the guitar and a little of music theory better with a teacher who does one-on-one instruction, YES.

There are plenty of ways to learn Magic online or via streaming, DVD, etc. but nothing can replace one-on-one type of instruction. While the pandemic has definitely put a damper on the one-on-one instruction there are some new ideas floating out there that will merge the online and one-on-one instruction by limiting the class size, etc. and even though it is not quite the same as one-on-one instruction it is really close.

With Zoom and other types of online meetings there are now opportunities to get almost one-on-one instruction. Penguin Magic has online classes. McBride’s school of Magic has online classes. The teen seminar and Tannen’s Magic camp did online sessions this year. Almost every great magician had a mentor/teacher who helped them develop. The mark of a great teacher is when the student becomes greater than the master.

As a club of magicians if we want to elevate Magic in Little Rock, we must each be on the search for a teacher and a student. The great Eugene Berger said something to the effect that every one of us has the potential to still learn and every one of us has the potential to teach.