Vice President's Report - November 2021

Inside the Linking Ring

There was a series put out by the Linking Ring with Ryan Pilling called inside the Linking Ring in which he explored the contents of the Linking Ring. My column this month will explore the November 1962 Linking Ring. If you don’t know how to get to the copy using your membership in the Linking Ring I would be glad to share with you how to do so.

Here is a trick that everyone can do that is a little math focused but it still fun.

1. Write down the year of your birth

2. Write down how old you will be on your next birthday

3. Write down an important year in your life

4. Write down how many years from that important year until now

5. Total all the numbers you have written down. My prediction is that the total will be 4042.

This little gem is found on page 101 in the editorial section at the top of the page. However, there are also a couple of good tricks one by Harold Rice you know of Rice Silks fame on page 101 “Page-O-Silk” The magician shows both hands empty opens a magazine and stops on any page called for. The Magician then tears out the page and crumples it up into a ball and produces 2 silks.

“An experiment with Alice in Wonderland” on page 93 is a unique way to use the glass/mirror penetration.

“Tarbell’s linking rope routine” on page 105 is certainly worth looking into.