Vice President's Report

Thank you, Little Rock Magicians, for putting your trust in me and electing me as Vice President of Ring 29. As we build on the past and look to the future I hope you will be as excited as I am about the future of Magic.

Everything changes and that means Magic as we know it is changing as well. I do still have some VHS tapes of magical instruction and of course what worked well for the 1970’s doesn’t work today. In fact some of these tapes are hysterical (by today’s standards) as well as historical. I hope that as we move our club to the future that we can change the stuff that needs changing and keep the stuff that works. Here is what I know for sure if you are not moving forward you are moving backward there is not such thing as standing still. One of my goals for the club this year would be to attract younger people who are interested in Magic. Magic has been a constant source of enjoyment for me for over 45 years and I hope to give others the chance to have this same source of enjoyment in their own lives.