Vice President's Report

"When an old person dies a library burns to the ground" African Proverb

As a society we in our culture do not revere age or the wisdom that comes with it. The same is true in Magic we do not look to the past and are searching for what is new and shiny. Now there have been some great new groundbreaking Magic that has come out in the current decade. But let us not forget the Magic that we know and with a little practice we can revitalize it and make it relevant for today. Unfortunately, Magic that uses Phone books, Newspapers, Slates or Men's hats will not usually work today but the question is what can we replace it with that still uses the same concepts?

I recently read a book titled "Magic is Dead" a good read if you haven't read it already it is about the young men and young women that are on the cutting edge of magic and are members of the "52". As I read that book one theme that kept repeating is that they are taking the works of the past and changing, improving, etc. In fact, one of the main characters Luke Jermay still attends some Magic conventions and goes to the Magic castle when he is in California.

So, "When an old magician dies a library burns to the ground"" talk to them, learn from them, use the library that is in their head and make your Magic better.